About Us

Education — the process through which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives.  Excellent teachers make it possible.

The ET Program is a joint initiative of Bette Blance and Mel Phillips.

They wanted a program that would empower teachers and enhance students’ learning outcomes.

It is based on the belief that discipline means caring enough about your students to teach them a better way to behave.

As a wife, mother and grandmother I have been able to study human behaviour at first hand. As an educator I have been able to apply these understandings in my work with teachers and with students. This practical knowledge has been enhanced with my formal training with the ideas of Dr William Glasser.

Having completed further study with the William Glasser Institute I am a Basic Intensive Training Instructor conducting this 27 hour training in both Australia and New Zealand.  

In New Zealand I am the President of the William Glasser Institute-New Zealand and publish the quarterly e-Magazine Choice in Action

I have extensive primary, secondary, tertiary teaching experience including time as a Deputy Principal of a very large primary school on the Gold Coast. I have worked as an educational consultant throughout Queensland, the ACT, Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and in New Zealand. 

My educational qualifications include Master of Educational Studies. As an Associate of the Professional Experience Office, School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University Gold Coast, over a period of 14 years I taught hundreds of undergraduate teacher education students.   This practical and relevant course about teaching and learning and managing classrooms was underpinned by Glasser’s internal control psychology and the Glasser Quality School.

A more complete biography is available at my website, www.BetteBlance.com

My wife Noeline and I have been married for 49 years. Our four adult children have highly successful professional careers and we are doting grandparents to six wonderful littlies (but we are biased). I love gardening, photography (when I can) and fishing (when they are biting!)

As well as academic qualifications in Commerce and Teaching, I have WGIA (William Glasser Institute - Australia) training, a Diploma of Business (Frontline Management), Cert IV (TAA) and am accredited through Team Management Systems to facilitate a wide range of their profiles and resources. I also train in the leadership and management skills package, “MindSights™”.

I work to help teachers, leaders and those who aspire to leadership become the best that they possibly can.

My leaders coaching program is recognized for in-principle credit with University of Southern Queensland for up to 50% of a M. Ed. (Leadership specialty).

I have had 35 years experience in education as a teacher, department head, deputy principal and principal. I have worked in primary and secondary schools in Queensland and Canada. I was principal of Band 11 schools for some 13 years.

I am a Life Member of ACE (Australian College of Educators).

My Mission:

To be recognised by all as having made a contribution that will leave our world just a little bit better for having been in it.

A more complete biography is available at my website, www.MelPhillips.com.au.