Essential Module Details

Education — the process through which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives.  Excellent teachers make it possible.

Essential Modules Summary

These essential modules are all facilitated in individual schools. We have arranged flexible pricing to best suit the needs of smaller schools.
We regard these as an essential follow-on to maximise the benefits achieved from the Introductory 1-Day Program.

Essential Modules
  • ET-02: Self Managing Students: When students are self managing they make choices that enable them to be successful learners.
  • ET-03: Quality Behaviour Quality Learning: Self evaluation is the key to improving learning outcomes.  Students who  evaluate their own work learn to take responsibility for continuously improving their work.  
    There are three things that motivate students to do well:
    First, the activity is intrinsically motivating (meeting Basic Needs);
    Second, the results are pleasurable (sense of achieving something with effort).
    Third is the pay off (extrinsic rewards such as sticker, certificate and grades).
    Extrinsic motivators work in the short term but the first two have longer lasting impacts in learning outcomes. This module shows how to set up processes to demonstrate the power of collaborative group work by introducing self evaluation for quality work.

    Students who evaluate their own behaviour learn to make better choices that enhance their chance of success.  In a cooperative learning classroom we have the opportunity to address inclusivity and develop intellectual quality. Students learn to get along with each other and produce quality work.
  • ET-04: Learning Styles: We all have preferences in the ways in which we prefer to learn. This module explores a number of different learning styles that need to be incorporated into planning for successful outcomes.
  • ET-05: Innovative Teaching Strategies: In understanding the learning process and the need for learners to be engaged, participants will experience a number of teaching strategies that are useful in developing enthusiasm in the classroom to provide challenging learning activities that encourage autonomous learning.
  • ET-06: Defiant Behaviour: No matter how well lessons are planned and how interesting the strategies used by the teacher, there are still some students who need assistance to become self managing. This module investigates the decisions teachers make when faced with defiant behaviour and how a whole school program needs to support these teachers with challenging students.
  • ET-07: Solutions to Problems: After drawing the whole program together, this module enables the participants to use the ideas, strategies and understandings to collaboratively seek solutions to some of the challenges they experience on a daily basis. It models a process that can be used at any time where teachers and administrators can support each other’s workplace learning.

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