The E T Program is all about Excellence in Teaching.

The major focus is teachers coaching each other - Collegial Coaching


The Collegial Coach Training program is aimed at enhancing classroom practice through developing teachers' skills in coaching each other. Sometimes called Peer Coaching, we have opted to call it "Collegial Coaching".

Our methodology is based on extensive research work and practical experience of more than 30 years. It works, and teachers who use and experience it support it enthusiastically.

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Improved pedagogy will lead to the desire to develop further skills in areas such as teaching strategies, classroom behaviour and teacher/ student relationships. We cover these in modules designed to meet individual schools' needs. This is "The ET Program - Excellence in Teaching".

The website gives you information about Collegial Coaching, the ET Program and a list of services that we provide.

The ET Program page gives more detailed information. The program offers modules that can be worked as a morning or afternoon session (1½-2 hours), a half day program (2 modules) or a full day program (3 modules) .

Contact us by phone or email.  A link is provided to download a Registration Form to involve your school in Collegial Coach training or The ET Program.

If you are interested in becoming an associate, training others in coaching skills or presenting The ET Program to teachers and administrators, please contact us.

If your school is interested in a professional relationship with The ET Program involving reduced costs and financial advantages, contact Mel Phillips for further information.

Conditions apply.

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Every child’s right is to succeed. Quality teaching can make this happen.

  Every child deserves the right to be able to make the right choices for their education, their future.

 Behaviour should not interfere with the child’s rights, nor should socio-economic factors, nor social status, nor race.

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