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Education — the process through which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives.  Excellent teachers make it possible.

Program Summary
(Choose 3 modules, including "Meeting Basic Needs in the classroom" and 2 others.)

  • Meeting Basic Needs in the classroom:  A key module.  It develops understanding about what motivates students to learn well.
  • Quality Lesson Design:  A well planned lesson that hooks students into learning motivates success for all.
    Clear boundaries with good interpersonal relationships enable teachers to develop a cohesive, highly productive classroom.
  • Dealing With Difficult Behaviours Through Quality Relationships: This is all about the teacher choosing how he/she responds.  What we do as teachers can enhance or damage our relationships with students.  This module challenges us to do more of some things and less of others.
  • Setting Up A Quality Classroom: Setting up the classroom at the start of the year often dictates how the rest of the year unfolds.
    (For programs starting at times other than the start of the school year, this module can be replaced by another from the "Essential Modules" list.  It is an excellent module for teachers beginning at the school at any time of the year.) 

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Venue and catering is at school expense. Participants will be advised about lunch arrangements by their school.
Handouts will be provided.  These will be quality, bound booklets designed to last.
Additional resource materials may be made available from our “Useful Links” web page.
Schools may combine to facilitate formation of viable workshop numbers.
Code: ET-01 Large Audience Price: $95.00/person
Code: ET-01S
(1 School wants exclusive program)
Exclusive Audience Price:
Facilitator Fee $650 + $85.00/person