Optional Module Details

Education — the process through which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives.  Excellent teachers make it possible.

Optional Modules Summary

These additional modules are all facilitated in individual schools. We have arranged flexible pricing to best suit the needs of smaller schools.

While these modules are listed as "optional", we regard these as an essential follow-on to the major program (the first 10 modules). Benefits achieved from these modules allow for specialized capability development.

The optional modules are crucial for those who are socio-economically disadvantaged or those whose learning outcomes are traditionally in the highly challenged range.
We are acutely aware of the needs of indigenous students in this area.

Optional Modules
  • ET-08: The Cooperative Classroom. In this module setting up a cooperative classroom is a major focus.  There are a number of practical strategies that can be used either by teachers or taught to students that will contribute to the experience.
  • ET-09: Teaching, learning and poverty: Knowledge of the hidden rules is crucial to whichever class an individual lives. This module explores the driving forces comparing those in middle class, wealth and poverty. This has huge implications for teaching children from families in financial, emotional, mental, physical poverty. Knowledge of these helps teacher plan learning that can "build bridges out of poverty”
  • ET-10: Teaching, learning and indigenous learners: Indigenous students in Australia and in other countries and regions have a long history of failure in education. By examining the principles of indigenous education and ways to prevent educational difficulties teachers can work towards successful outcomes for these students.

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