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Education — the process through which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives.  Excellent teachers make it possible.


Programs offered as part of The ET Program—Excellence in Teaching

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One-day Program

Quality Lesson design - the key to effective preparation and presentation;
Glasser's Basic Needs.  Meeting Basic Needs in the classroom is the key to understanding and developing appropriate behaviour;
Self-Discipline as an effective approach to handling Difficult Behaviour;
Setting Up Quality Classrooms (or another from Essential Modules list);
An extremely practical day.  Leave with skills to implement

Code: ET–01 (also ET– 01S) More details... Cost: $95.00 / person

Essential Modules

The titles in these include: Self Managing Students; Quality Behaviour Quality Learning; Learning Styles; Innovative Teaching Strategies; Defiant Behaviour; Solutions to Problems.

Codes: ET–02 (also ET-02 to ET-07) More details... Cost: $250  + $35/ person

Optional Modules

The modules presented here include: The Cooperative Classroom; Excellence in Teaching and Poverty; Excellence in Teaching and Indigenous Students.

Codes: ET–08 to ET-11 More details... Cost: $250  + $35/ person

Collegial Coach Training 

Collegial Coaching: This additional training program (two-day workshop and one day observed application of competence), skills teachers to observe each other teaching and develop ways to continuously improve what they are doing in the classroom. 

Code: Individual Quotation More details... Cost: by negotiation

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